Dip your toe in....

Come along to a meeting; meet your executive team, meet other parents, contribute to the conversation and listen to the Principal’s report. Everyone is welcome, there is no commitment or obligation to get further involved. The meetings are your chance to come along and find out what is happening with your P&C, at the school, and have your views heard. If you have an item for the agenda please let us know.

General meetings are held on Tuesday night, Week 3 of each school term at 7pm in the School Staff Room.

With the exception of the first meeting of each year which is held in Week 5, T1.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Our next meeting will be T3, Wk 5 – Tuesday 20th August, 2024

The final meeting in 2024 will be Tuesday, Week 3, T4 at 7pm.

Frequently Asked Question’s

How long do the meetings go for?
The P&C meetings are generally between one and two hours long. We aim to have a hard finish of 8:30pm and if you are unable to stay for the whole meeting, don’t worry – you are still very welcome. 

Can I get something on the agenda?
Everyone is welcome to raise their issues and concerns at a meeting. You need to attend the meetings, or nominate someone to attend on your behalf, so that you can discuss your position. If you would like something added to the agenda, please email secretary@bbpspandc.org.au at least 24 hours before the meeting time.

What type of things are discussed at meetings?

At every meeting there is a report from a representative from the school (usually Principal or Deputy Principal), OSHC and the Treasurer. There is an overview of what’s been happening within the P&C, a rundown on any events or fundraising initiatives. We also discuss issues that are raised by people within the school community, such as allocation of funding, parking, communication systems and events. P&C meetings aren’t the forum to discuss issues’s that are specific to your child, this is best done with your child’s teacher, Stage Principal or Principal.

If you would like something added to an agenda or if you would like to discuss an issue that is of concern to you, or to pass on positive feedback, please email or call a representative of the P&C.

How can I get involved?
Just come along to a meeting or contact one of the P&C Exec. We’re always looking for new parents & carers to get involved and would love to hear from you.

There are so many ways you can help:

  • come to a meeting
  • volunteer at an event
  • run a fundraising event
  • volunteer at the canteen or uniform shop
  • lend your skills (we often need ad hoc help with graphic design, IT, organisation, manual labour – all sorts of things – just ask and we’ll put your skills to use!