Welcome to Bondi Beach Public School’s Sharkebite Canteen! Here at Sharkebite we specialise in providing the freshest, most nutritious meals to help your child get the most out of their school day.

The ethos of our canteen is about providing quality menu items that are low in sugar, sodium and preservatives so that every child can continue their studies calm, content and ready to learn. A special feature at sharkbite is the use of fresh, organic produce from our beautiful kitchen garden and utilising the seasonal produce also means the children can see exactly where their food comes from.

Here at BBPS’s sharkbite canteen, we offer your child a range of delicious and nutritious menu items where everything is made with love.

Opening hours and online ordering

We are open every day at 8.45 for over the counter orders (cash only)

We also have an online ordering system through the app: ‘QKR’. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the QKR app for speed and convenience. The app is very user friendly and you can place orders up to two weeks in advance.

It is available for use on Apple and Android devices or desktop. Follow this link to download a brochure on Qkr!. It’s a really user-friendly app that will literally take you a couple of minutes to set up your family and credit or debit card details. Order cut off time is 8.45 am daily except Friday when it is 8.30 am to cope with the demand of the daily special of sushi..


As a P&C run canteen we are not a money making venture, our aim is to provide healthy and nutritious food at affordable prices to busy families. While we try to keep our prices low we do have to cover costs Inc wages, equipment, ingredients, electricity etc.


We have a fantastic team of 4 part-time staff.  However we absolutely cannot survive without the assistance of our volunteers.  Your children love seeing you behind the counter and it’s a beautiful way to become involved with our wonderful school community.

We run two shifts:

Morning’s   9am – 11.30
Afternoon’s 11.30 – 2pm.

We can accommodate any restrictive working hours by offering shorter shifts (power hours!)

We hope this information has been helpful and we look forward to meeting you in person either over the counter or hopefully behind the counter!!

Cheers from the Sharkbite Canteen team.

Check out our menu

Download it here SharkBiteMenu