Canteen FAQs

Do you have gluten free options?
Yes we do 🙂 there are gluten free items available every day. Gluten free bread and pasta are on the menu every day. On our specials list is gluten free pizza and a gluten free pie. We also have a range of gluten free snacks.

What if my child has allergies?
Please notify the canteen staff if your child has any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Why do you have paid staff?
Running a canteen five days a week is a big undertaking. To provide a reliable service we need a mixture of paid staff and volunteers.

How do I volunteer?
Mums, dads, grandparents, neighbours … we welcome all volunteers to our canteen. Drop by the canteen and have a chat or drop us a line.

Do you have healthy options?
We like to think that all of our food is healthy. At the canteen we specialise in making most menu items on site fresh everyday!!

We follow the traffic light system of healthy eating – providing just green (everyday) and amber (select carefully) foods.

How can we order?
We open everyday from 8.45am until 9.15 for over the counter orders but we highly recommend you familiarize your self with the QKR app. When ordering over the counters please provide these details.  Name…. Class…. Recess/lunch…Order:

If your children are at Before Care at OSHC, just ask one of the OSHC staff where the brown paper bags are and you can write your order on the bag, place the correct money in the bag and give it to the staff. They will take your order to the canteen when it opens.

We also believe that it’s a great treat to give your child dollar or two every now and then to buy themselves something from the canteen. The kids usually love the extra responsibility of having to keep the money safe and then paying for food themselves.

What is Qkr!
Qkr! is an app available for use on Apple and Android devices or desktop that allows you to order and pay for items from the canteen or uniform shop quickly and easily using your credit card.

Follow this link to download a brochure on Qkr! It’s a really user-friendly app that will literally take you a couple of minutes to set up your family and credit or debit card details. Then every time you want to order from the canteen or uniform shop, all you do is open the app, select the child you’re ordering for, select your choices from the menu and use your finger to swipe for payment. It really is that simple!

Qkr! is a Commonwealth Bank Mastercard payment portal.

What if my child forgets to take their recess or lunch to school?
We never let a child go hungry! If your child forgets their food, or if their teacher notices they have nothing to eat, the child can go to the canteen and they will be given a simple sandwich and or fruit. A note will be sent home with them explaining what happened and asking you to pay for the menu item.