Fundraising FAQs

You must make a lot of money from the markets, so why do you have to fundraise?

Market lease money goes directly to the school, not to the P&C. The Saturday and Sunday markets are leased to independent commercial markets operators through a public tender process managed by the Department of Education.  At present, the same operators manage the markets on both days.   The school uses the money for maintenance on the grounds (required due to the high level of use caused by the markets) and the cost of teachers’ aides (which is not covered by the Department).

Many other things are needed to add to the students’ learning experiences, which are funded through money raised by the P&C. In the past, this has including interactive white boards, home readers, computers, library books, art supplies, the basketball court, the stage of the hall, and more.

Why bother? Isn’t a public school education free?

The money provided by the government covers basic staff costs and limited resources. This is not enough to give our children the education they get at BBPS. This is why parents are asked to pay two types of fees:

Curriculum fees cover basic essential educational resources like textbooks, fees for online programs such as Mathletics.

Voluntary contribution is a bit of a misnomer. The school is obliged by the Department of Education to label these fees as “voluntary”. However, the items they cover are not really optional at all, and the school has to receive these fees in order to meet its financial obligations. Voluntary contributions cover things like classroom resources (paper, pencils etc.), musical and creative arts equipment, sports and play equipment, etc.

If parents do not pay these fees, the school nevertheless has to meet its financial obligations. This means that the shortfall has to be made up from funds that had already been allocated to other vital programs.

P&C Fundraising supplies additional resources that are not covered by any of the above fees or governmental resources.

So what kinds of resources have you funded in the past?

These are some of the resources the school has received from the P&C over the last three years:

  • More than 30 iPads, accessories, and peripherals such as covers, screen protectors, headphones and splitters, sync and charge cables; storage and charging trollies
  • 30 iPad minis with accessories and peripherals such as iPad Mini covers, screen protectors, headphones and splitters, sync and charge cables
  • Other technology resources, like e-readers, visual presenters, screens, wireless routers
  • Classroom games, resources and furnishings
  • Basketball court and hoops, balls, ropes, bibs etc
  • Stage and storage racks in the school hall
  • Keyboards, guitars, cajons, xylophone, triangles and mallets for music room
  • Equipment for the violin group
  • Art supplies
  • Science resources
  • Resources for the school counsellor
  • Upgrades to the uniform shop and canteen

What are you raising money for at the moment?

Our current focus is on improving technology and the outdoor spaces of the school. We were successful in securing a grant in 2014 and are currently planning for improvements to the school grounds.

Teachers are also invited to submit a “wish list” of items that would make their job easier and enhance the learning environment. As funds become available we fund items off their wish list that have been approved as valuable.

What are the regular events you run every year?

Mother’s Day Stall / Father’s Day Basketball Shoot-Out
For Mother’s Day, the P&C organises gifts for the children to buy for their mother/carer. Children are then invited to purchase a gift of their choice for mother or carer at a stall set up at the school. For Father’s Day we organise a morning tea and basketball shootout where children can compete with their dads or carers for a gold coin donation.

Making the most of our location at the finish of the world’s biggest fun run, the City2Surf, we offer parking for minibuses, cars and vans. We also offer marquee hire to corporates. All hands on deck for this event!

Major Fundraiser (biennial)
This biennial party night features trivia and games, a small live auction, silent auction, a band and dancing. Visit the trivia page for more info.

What’s the deal with the sausage sizzles?

The school has exclusive rights to use the canteen to run BBQs at the Sunday markets (an arrangement agreed with the market operators some years ago).   The BBQs have historically been run by the P&C to raise money directly for the P&C, or specifically classes/stages.   On the weekends when it was not used by the school, other not-for-profit organisations have run BBQs.   Due to the high requirement for volunteers (20/BBQ) and the reduced net earnings from running the BBQs, the P&C decided not to run P&C BBQs from the beginning of 2014.   However, the school will continue to run BBQs for each stage, and Vicki will coordinate these so you will receive requests to volunteer for those.  The P&C has decided instead to focus volunteer effort on higher value activities.

To make these activities a success, we need volunteers and participation from our school community. Find out more about our activities in the school newsletter and via the class parents.