Uniform FAQs

What is the Bondi Beach Public School uniform?
There is a summer and winter uniform. In summer, there are tunics, skorts or cargo shorts for girls, and cargo shorts for boys. Shorts and skorts are worn with navy socks and short-sleeve gold polo shirts printed with the school crest.

In winter, there are tunics or long cargo pants for girls, and long cargo pants for boys. Tunics are worn with navy tights or socks. Tunics and pants are worn with long-sleeve gold t-shirts printed with the school crest.

The children wear summer uniforms in terms 1 and 4, winter uniforms in terms 2 and 3 unless it is unseasonably warm and then summer uniforms may be extended for a period in term 2. The principal will notify parents of this change.

Zippered jumpers and rain jackets are also available, both printed with the school crest.

All students are to wear black school shoes or appropriate sports shoes on sports days.

Also available are branded small and large backpacks, library bags, excursion bags, socks, tights, sports shorts, soft brimmed hats are swimming caps. Check out the price list available from the Uniform Shop or the options on Qkr! (see info below)

What about hats?
Broad-brimmed hats are compulsory for outdoor play throughout the year.

What about sports?
The navy and gold sports shirt is worn on sports days. This is to be worn with shorts, skorts or cargo pants and sports shoes.

Do you want our old uniforms?
Yes, please drop off your outgrown uniforms – in good condition. We sell secondhand uniforms for a fraction of the cost.

What if I can’t afford to buy the full uniform for my child?
Keep your eye on the second hand rack that is displayed out the front of the uniform shop. There are often items for sale in excellent condition at a fraction of the cost of new. You can get away with basics until your finances allow you to buy more. Pop into the uniform shop and they’ll be sure to help you out as best they can.

What is Qkr!
Qkr! is an app available for use on Apple and Android devices or desktop that allows you to order and pay for items from the canteen or uniform shop quickly and easily using your credit card.

Follow this link to download a brochure on Qkr! It’s a really user-friendly app that will literally take you a couple of minutes to set up your family and credit or debit card details. Then every time you want to order from the canteen or uniform shop, all you do is open the app, select the child you’re ordering for, select your choices from the menu and use your finger to swipe for payment. It really is that simple!

Qkr! is a Commonwealth Bank Mastercard payment portal.